Praga Global Trade Blog Latest Products Thu, 13 Jun 2024 15:44:14 +0530 en-us Fresh Organic White Onion: An impressive and Versatile Vegetable Thu, 10 Jun 2021 19:05:43 +0530 Onion is a bulb shaped underground vegetable crop grown in India which is an indispensable part of Indian cooking recipes. There are many varieties of onion available in the Indian market like red, yellow and white onion. But among all, the intake of white onions is good for your overall health. Generally, white onions have a milder flavour in comparison to red onions which makes them easy to add in dishes and to eat raw. These types of onions are highly used in Mexican cuisine especially in preparing salsa and guacamole. White onions are rich in water content which makes them crisp and also have a thinner and papery skin. The tangier flavour and aroma of white onions can turn any normal dish into a delicacy one.   India is the second largest producer of onion across the world and the major white onion producing states in India are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Indian onions are available round the year and are popular for its pungent odour. India has a suitable climate to cultivate onions and this humble vegetable contributes greatly to the Indian economy in the agricultural sector. The demand for fresh organic white onion is increasing day by day among people in the domestic as well as international markets due to its amazing uses and numerous health benefits.   Attributes of high quality Fresh Organic White Onion- Cultivated organically High in purity Free from harmful chemicals Rich in taste and aroma Longer shelf life   Nutrition facts and health benefits of White Onion   Raw white onions are low in calories and offer a decent source of fibre, folic acid, essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B6, B9 and minerals like potassium, Manganese. Some of the major reasons to add this vegetable in your diet are as follows:-   Improves Immunity: White onions are rich in selenium which makes this vegetable an effective one for boosting your immune levels. Selenium may play a vital role in the management of viral and allergic conditions. Strengthens Bones: Consuming white onions on a regular basis boosts antioxidant levels, lowers oxidative stress and also prevents bone loss which helps in prohibiting osteoporosis especially in case of older women. Drinking onion juice also helps in improving bone mineral density. Regulates Blood Sugar Level: Compounds such as chromium, quercetin and sulphur in white onions interact with cells of small intestine, liver, fatty tissue in order to regulate blood sugar level which makes it beneficial for diabetics. Improves Digestive System: White onions are a great source of fibre and prebiotics which helps in increasing good bacteria like bifidobacteria in your gut which leads to better digestion. Protects against heart disease: White onions contain antioxidants and sulphur that helps in reducing cholesterol levels and fights inflammation. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also prevent blood clotting, maintain blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Anti-Cancer Properties: Compounds like sulphur, fisetin, quercetin and flavonoids antioxidants prevent the growth of tumors in lungs. Also, it contributes to the demolition of breast and colon cancer cells. Improves hair growth: Onion juice is a most popular home remedy to strengthen hair. Sulphur content in white onions stimulates the blood flow to hair follicles and production of collagen which leads to hair growth.   Due to these amazing benefits of White Onions, they have become a hot commodity in trade that is always highly demanded in the market.   There are numerous sellers in the market supplying white onions but the question is whether those white onions are fresh or not. Therefore, if you want to avail the health benefits of white onions by incorporating them in your regular diet then choose a reputed Fresh Organic White Onion Supplier who offers high quality and nutritious white onions which are grown organically through natural cultivation methods. All you need is to do some research and buy from the right place.   The providers of fresh organic white onion should take due care of the following important aspects:   They should procure directly from the farmers who use organic methods to produce finest quality white onions. They should have a separate well equipped storage facility with a temperature controlling system to keep the perishable products safe and well protected under the supervision of warehouse keepers. They should supply fresh organic white onion as per the industrial standards in different agro markets. They should use high grade food packaging material in different sizes as per the client requirements . They should facilitate trade by providing options of multiple payment modes through cash as well as card. They should have capacity to supply bulk orders within the prescribed time framework. They should offer an organic range of products at market leading prices.   Thus, white onion is one of the important vegetable crops cultivated in India which offers plenty of health benefits. Why Should You Include More Pomegranates Into Your Everyday Diet? Sat, 07 Aug 2021 19:27:08 +0530 Pomegranate is definitely one of the juiciest and healthiest fruits in the world. It can offer a range of magical benefits to your body and overall health. This is why it is marked as a divine fruit. You can find its mention in almost every theological book.   So, what does it offer? Pomegranate has antiviral, anti-tumor, and antioxidant properties. It makes an incredible source for several essential vitamins including A, C, E, and folic acid. In fact, a piece of pomegranate has more antioxidants than a cup of green tea or a bottle of wine.   Pomegranate fruits are cultivated in different parts of the world, especially in the Middle East and South Africa. Consumption of Fresh Natural Pomegranate daily is essential and beneficial for the human body. Pomegranates are fruit-bearing shrubs of the deciduous category. They generally grow in different seasons in different parts of the world and are supplied in large quantities all over the world by the Fresh Natural Pomegranate Exporters   Uses of the Pomegranate in the Culinary World The fruit has multiple uses in the culinary world. Its juice which is either sour or sweet with most fruits having a moderate taste is primarily used as a juice. It was previously a popular drink in Europe and the Middle East is now introduced and distributed in America and Canada as a juice because of its health benefits. The thickened juice known as Grenadine Syrup is used in cocktail mixing.   Before the tomato was introduced to the Middle Eastern countries, pomegranate juice, molasses and vinegar were commonly used in Iranian main dishes in the form of a thick sauce made from pomegranate juice and ground walnuts.   Its seeds are used as a spice known as anar dana in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The ground anar dana gives a deep and tangy flavouring to the dishes. It is also used in trail mixes, granola bars, as a topping and dressing for salads and desserts, yoghurt, ice cream, marinating of meat and in a variety other ways.     Health benefits of fresh natural pomegranates – Hence, pomegranates help in lowering risks for all kinds of diseases. Thus, any fresh natural pomegranate exporter can do profitable business all through the year. The following are some major benefits of consuming pomegranates on a regular basis. 1. Provides essential nutrients A cup full of pomegranate seeds includes less sugar and calorie content. It includes more fiber, proteins, folate, potassium, and vitamins C & K. 2. Thins your blood Antioxidants are blood thinners. Pomegranate juice is helpful against fatal blood clots and coagulation of blood. 3. Prevents atherosclerosis Due to an unhealthy lifestyle and with age, an increased level of cholesterol results in artery damages. The antioxidant property of this fruit lowers the bad LDL cholesterol level. 4. Acts like an oxygen mask Pomegranates are helpful in increasing the oxygen level in the blood. Several antioxidants present in this fruit fights cholesterol, free radicals and prevent blood clotting. 5. Prevents arthritis This fruit fights with the enzymes which are responsible for cartilage damage. 6. Fights erectile dysfunction Various theories support the quality of pomegranate juice in slowly reducing erectile dysfunction in men. 7. Prevents prostate cancer & heart diseases The regular intake of pomegranate juice slows down the growth of prostate cancerous cells. Its blood-thinning quality also reduces cardiovascular diseases. 8. Improves memory Various study results have shown that a daily intake of pomegranate juice can effectively improve visual and verbal memory. 9. Lowers blood pressure Punicic acid, which is an important component of pomegranate helps in lowering high BP, triglycerides, and cholesterol. 10. Helps with the digestion Fiber is a very good element for digestion. Due to their hectic lifestyle, everyone is prone to having junk foods every day which lacks the goodness of fiber. Adding green vegetables and fruits such as pomegranate into your daily diet can be good compensation. 11. Boosts immunity Pomegranate juice has several anti-inflammatory elements that advance its beneficial quotients and acts against multiple immune-related disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 12. Lowers stress levels Consuming pomegranate juice lowers psychological stress levels and improves your personal as well as professional life. It actually lowers cortisol levels which is a stress hormone. 13. Stops formation of plaque Pomegranate juice includes antiplaque compounds which help in improving oral health. In fact, it is a better alternative than mouthwashes including alcohol against plaque.   Note: Remember to buy an authentic range from the fresh natural pomegranate exporters in India.